Iloilo Investment Forum

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The Iloilo Investment Forum is a three-part series. The two-half day event on December 9 to 10, 2020 is an introductory forum which will take place in a venue in Iloilo City. It will have an online participants through Zoom and it will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Business meetings and sharing of projects briefs will happen between January to February 2021. Final program and other arrangements will be posted when they become available.

The Business Meetings is designed to identify specific opportunities and prepare project briefs for the production and processing of specific commodities.

It will have an inventory of potential locators and these will be matched with priority commodities.

Business groups and LGUs on the other hand will prepare their respective Investment Project Briefs where the priority commodities are situated.

The International Investment Forum which is set on March 2021 is the culmination of the Iloilo Investment Forum.

It will be a networking opportunity in the area of food processing, agribusiness logistics centers, light processing, and manufacturing industry to absorb the production from other areas or regions.